Comunication between two PLCs of different manufacturers


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sarfraj patel

Communication between two PLCs: GE Fanuc (master) & Allen-Bradley (slave) using Modbus RTU protocol. In this we will be controlling I/Os connected to AB by writing Ladder in GE Fanuc. But we don't know how to make settings in slave so that it can work with different manufactureer's PLC, i.e. GE Fanuc. We communicated between GE Fanuc PLCs-Series 90-3- & Versamax using COMMREQ command in Machine Edition software. I want help regarding this...
Prosoft is an A-B partner and sells Modbus modules for the A-B line. Prosoft's documentation is excellent. Get their PDF manual on-line and take a look at it. It has examples.


Without investing in new module, can I use RS 232 serial port of both PLCs? Will it work on Modbus?
Plz send me some extra information about this.
Why can't you just implement the ladder logics in the Allen-Bradley PLC?


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you need to set same slave id what u used in fanuc ladder logic, communication parameters in slave logic ie port type 232/485, b'rate need to be checked. main function code in slave correct
location to see the data.

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