concept crase dll problem


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inbal lazarov

Concept fail in the middle of download
The error message was:
"Concept cause general protecation
Fault in module bc500rtl.dll at 0001:8819
Chose close concept will close"

After that when i close the concept and try later
To conect on-line i was "not equal" status
And i must do a total download.

Concept ver is 2.2 sr2
Computer=compaq 600 mhz 256 mb window nt 4 sp6
The only program that runing on this computer
Is concept.

I am having the same problem and so far Modicon's only solution is to drop the resolution on my computer back to 1024x1280.

peter clemmett

Analyze program - ensure no errors.

If online - download only a few segments (eg 1) at
a time. Better yet don't save changes until download successful - when (not if) Crapset crashes - can go back online & equal.

When Crapset crashes it seems to help if you:
- Delete temporary Files C:\Concept\Lib\~AITMP.*
- Ensure NT DOS Virtual machine process has ended
ie CTRL-ALT-DEL Select task manager and kill
process NTVDM.exe

Better yet - go back to Modsoft or Taylor Software :)

Daniel Rallo


Try using W95 or W98.
It seems to be a port speed problem with WNT.


Daniel Rallo.