Concept IEC XMIT


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Derek Chan

Anybody out there famaliar with the XMIT using Momentum CPU and the JNN RS485 Adapter in 2 wire RS485 ?

I have tried a sample program which works, however when I start to load in the application the XMIT starts to fail. I have come to the conclusion after some investigation that with scan time greater than 20 mSec, the XMIT will
fail !

Anybody can share their experience with me ?

Concept 2.2SR2
CPU 171CCC76010 (M1IEC222 flash) and 172JNN21032 operating as Modbus Master using 2 wire RS485.

Have also had a go at the XXMIT, but this works intermittently.

I have used the XMIT and the XXMIT a couple of times on a Quantum talking to a LED display and a GE 90/30 plc and have had no problems, and
actually like the XXMIT much better. What are you communicating to and what are some of your paramaters like baud,command word,and timeouts?

Dave Malette

The Concept XMIT block is definately broken in Concept 2.2 . It was a problem in one of our installations as well. Schneider is aware of it
and they may have a fix already but we havent been able to confirm this yet.