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I am using concept v26sr2 but after all Microsoft Security Bulletin have been installed, runing concept will appear error "os errno:-35 database path or file name too long os errno=5 dll:rdm330", press confirm appear "error id: ai-11343". why?
Tech Note: Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates and Concept Error
Released: October 2004 (Updated Oct. 21, 2004)

A technical issue has come to our attention; it concerns concept customers who use Automatic Updates from Microsoft on Windows 2000 or WinXP SP2 operating systems.

Whom does it affect?
This technical workaround is for Concept Versions V2.5 SR1/SR2 and V2.6 SR1/SR2 installed on Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and 2000.

Note: this does not include Microsoft XP SP1.

What is the effect?
When Concept is first launched, the program issues an error:

"AI exception handler" Window
OS errno=-35
database path or file name too long"
OS erno = 5,

On close

Concept Window
Error ID AI11343"

What is the cause?
The error indicates that the following Windows Service Updates from Microsoft have interacted with the Concept Install: KB840987 and KB841533. These Microsoft patches are typically installed through the Windows Automatic Update feature. We have have reproduced the problem with KB840987 and KB841533 and discovered that the interaction results in the TEMP path being too large.

What are the workarounds?
The workaround possibilities are to:

Uninstall KB840987 and KB841533 using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.

More detail on the Microsoft patches can be found on KB 840987
and KB 841533

Change the TEMP variables in Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables. Use a shorter name C:\TEMP or C:\WINNT\TEMP. Replace both TEMP variables: Administrator (User) ad System variables.

Make a batch file for calling Concept similar to this:

CD \concept

You need to use your Concept Directory for the Concept.exe and CD command. You can also choose any other TEMP - Directory, but it has to actually exist and should not be very large. Try for example: C:\CONCTEMP or C:\WINDOWS|TEMP.
We are presently investigating this issue!

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Schneider Electric Services
I have some error... I am using Concept V2.6 SR1
The problem has presented after intall Factory Link and/or Rockwell Software.

I had solved uninstalled all programs and reinstalling Concept only. I can't install Factory or Rockwell software.
Go to the Eclipse web site and check the opening page for info on issues caused by WINDOWS XP SP2.

Schneider is not alone when it comes to problems introduced by MS "fixes". Colleagues in associated businesses have experience similar issues.