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Trea Parsons

While working in Modicon's Concept software I will get an error "Floating point divide by zero" and under it will be BC500RTL.DLL and
Concept will shutdown. Modicon told me to drop the resolution on my computer which did help but did not solve the problem. I have an
identical computer to a coworker but he does not have this problem. he also does not have the many other programming packages I have (RS
Logix 500, Quick Panel Designer, Exor Designer, G.E Versa Pro, G.E. Logicmaster and Panel Mate) any help would be appreciated.

The Intel floating point processor has a control word which contains exception
mask bits. This can be used to mask off (prevent) floating point divide by
errors. See

for information on the status word. If Concept does not set this mask, it might be unmasked by some other software on your machine. This might explain why the floating point divide by zero is seen on one machine but not another, or might
be dependent on what other programs are run prior to running Concept.

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Rick Jafrate

This kind of arranagement is no better than spring scale mechanisms which are notroiously inaccurate and unrepeatable. (Toledo slogan "Honest weight - No Springs"). In a time when 16-bit A/Ds cost a few dollars, it's hard to imagine why anyone would suggest suggest such
a thing.

Ask your supplier to supply you with "Type Acceptance Data". In the U.S. all types of scales used for the sale of goods must be certified by the US goverment to have passesd a "Type Acceptance Test". In my opinion it is doubtful if any kind of mechanism utlizing a spring would pass this test.

Ask your local weights and measure inspector if he is able to certify such a thing suitable for the sale of goods. Again, I believe that it the inspector were aware of the spring mechanism he would not make such a certification.

Why not just buy a better scale?
Please contact Concept Software support at 1 888 266 8705 should the advice you have already been given does not suffice in resolving your

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Lee J Ward