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1) I have created a project using concept 2.5 service release 2, how to open the same project in concept v2.5 service release 1.

2) When programming using concept software, whether it is possible to assign a particular bit of a register to a coil.

For e.g. 400211:1

Hunter Farris

1. Concept programs are not backwards compatible. You can try to export to ascii file, but I am afraid this will not work. Have tried this before. Why not just keep in SR2?

2. Use the GET_BIT function block. You specify the register and bit number for inputs and assign output to coil.

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You cannot go backwards in versions, only forwards.

The previous suggestion is good, but if you need multiple bit brought out to coils you can use the word_to_bit block in the extended library

Robert Willis

1) You cannot open a Concept Verison 2.5SR2 program with Version 2.5SR1.

2) Use the Word_to_Bit Function Block in the FBD IEC language and you will be able to assign your coils to the individual bits as required. If you need to go the other way there is a Bit_to_Word Function Block.

Robert Willis
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Stay with Concept 2.5 SR2 - there are bugs in SR1 that make it worthwhile to shift to SR2.

You can also use the WORD_TO_BIT converter in the extended library to pull all 16 bits in a word out to coils. It also provides a good animation when you are online - you can see which bits are on and off easily. Just be careful with the MSB and LSB, as WORDS and INTs are opposite.