Concept v2.2 - Using XXMIT Block - Is it possible?


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Colman Spencer

I believe the XXMIT block only appeared in Concept v2.5 onwards. I need to use that block to modify some programs written in Concept v2.2.

I don't want to upgrade the code to Concept v2.5 or v2.6. I want to program in Concept v2.2.
XXMIT is available in Concept 2.2 Service Release 2 (SR2), and I personally used it successfully. Be aware that if you are going to use RS-485 (available with Momentum PLC), a comm patch for Concept 2.2 SR2 is available, and will prevent some reply timeout problems.
Your question is too vague. It depends which PLC you are talking about, and which port/module.

The Concept help files should guide you.

You really need to come up to date and use Concept V2.6.