Condensate pot issues


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Mike Malizia

Having an issues with my steam flow transmitters on one of my main HP steam lines. Here's the situation: While the plant is online we have had no issues with the steam flow on our HP steam line. However during cycling operations, when the steam line is first coming up the flow transmitter sensing lines seem to be plugged. We blow down the line when the pressure comes up and see some dirt come out, but not much. After the line is blown down, and the condensate builds up the flow reads correctly. This happens each time we start up. I'm wondering if the condensate pots are the issue, it doesn't make sense to me that there would still be a problem after the line is blown down, but it happens almost everytime we cycle off and then go to start up again (this usually only like 4 hour gap between starts and stops.).
are you allowing the steam line to cool down at or below saturation during the cycling?

and what sort of meter is being used.