Conditional Number formatting in WinCC Flex


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Dan Shamlian

I'm trying to create a keypad to enter values that displays the current, max, and min values of that specific tag. My problem is that I would like to use the same keypad for all the different values that can be input, but they need to be in different decimal formats (i.e. 999.9 99.99 9999 etc...). The IO Fields on my keypad have to have a number format, so if I send a 99.99 to the IO Field formatted 9999, it's just going to round the number and display the digits left of the decimal. Is there any way to change the format during runtime? Or leave open to any format?


Powers, Ron SEA

Why are creating a keypad? When you depress any I/O field the numeric keypad always pops up. If you want decimal format then simply enter the format you want during development. For instance, you enter 9999.99 as the format but enter 9999 it will accept that number. If you enter 99.9 it will accept that as 99.9 and so on