We have conductivtiy analyzer
We calibrated with certified puffer solution with 1400 micro/c and 100 micro s/c
But when put the sensor in process the instrument reading more higher the actual reading in 200 micro s/c
Also with lab instrument not matching there is big deffrence in reading around 200.
I want know why the instrument read the puffer solution correct but when put it in process there is diffeent in reading.
Conductivity is temperature dependent. Grab samples transported to a lab can cool and have a different conductivity.

The process probe reads higher then the 'actual reading'. How do you know that the "actual reading" is 200 uS?

Is it not likely that the process probe is telling you what don't want to hear?
We measure the product water our analyzer reading 1100 micro S/cm
And portable instrument measure 1300 micro s/m
And lab instrument measure 1380 micro s/cm
For that i said there is diffrence 200 micro S/Cm