Conductor NT Screens to Intouch


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Hector Paredes

We are investigate one posibility to migrate from conductor NT to Intouch or Citect. Does any of you have some experience? Could you help me
There are Rovisys software to get connection to Bailey DCS hardware to Intouch. Are there any driver to connect DCS Bailey hardware to

Thanks for your help.

Irish, William

It is certainly possible to use Intouch for the screens. I worked on a large project with a client to do just that. We used a driver from Standard Automation which worked very well and it included many Wizards to make the connections easier. As far as converting screens, to really take advantage of the superior graphics in Wonderware, we didn't even consider trying to convert screens. Sometimes the existing screens were used for samples or patterns buts that's all. Everyone has been very satisfied with the effort and final result. Standard Automation does have a conversion utility but I don't know anything about it.

Standard Automation web site,

Bill Irish
InTouch is probably your best choice because their third party partner, Standard Automation, has a product that 1. converts the bailey graphics to intouch 2. provides the I/O server to communicate with the bailey control system with InTouch.

Hope this helps.