Conductor NT to OPC DDE or OLE


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David Bambrick

Is there an inexpensive way to get data out of a Conductor NT system. I would like to use OPC - but a quick look at the literature and drivers doesn't look promising, or verrry expensive.

I am looking at the manual, it seems there is an OLE and DDE server (built in or extra?) which I could query for data - has anyone done this? Are there any pitfalls to watch out for?

Ultimately I want to populate an SQL database - I can do this from OLE and OPC data sources already.
Your ConductorNT station should provide an @aGlance server.

"Any data associated with a real-time or historical tag name within Conductor NT can be accessed by a client running @aGlance/IT client software. This access can be via the Ethernet LAN or an Internet/intranet WEB browser located remotely from the control room or plant site."

You can get an OPC Server for @aGlance here.

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