Conductor VMS dual monitors


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I downloaded a backup to a new hard drive on a Digital computer for an operator workstation running SRC software for BIOS and Open VMS ABB's conductor VMS) as O.S. when machine boots up it will let me know that it's configured for 1 monitor just before Open VMS finish with success its initialization. problem is that I want it to work for 2 monitors and I have not found information in any manual how to do this.

In other similar workstations there are 2 video driver boards installed in the PC (one for each monitor),I have installed 2 video driver boards in this PC but when initializing the machine, it sends an error message regarding memory dump and it re-starts by itself, when I use 1 video board it initializes without a trouble.
I guess I have to change something in VMS configuration but I have not found any hint in the documentation I have.

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me with this issue, please.
Thanks in advance and have a good one.