Configuration Of CPE100 PID_IND Inbuilt controller from Emerson

Good day

I'm new to this PLC programming Industry but I have been working with CPE100 from Emerson to program a system logic for Waste Water Treatment plant. During this journey, I have so far been able to model and implement my logic well but I'm still struggling to work with the inbuilt PID controller (PID_IND) to regulate and change the speed of a 3 phase motor which is controlled by a VSD (speed up to 50Hz = 1500rpm).

I have an open tank that has a Dissolved Oxygen sensor which measures the volume of oxygen/liter. The tank is equipped with motor that stirs the water in order to decrease or increase the oxygen levels. So, i'm required to manipulate the speeds of the motors with a PID controller to reach the optimum dissolved oxygen levels of 1.8mg/l (SP)

I would like to ask for some assistance setting up the PID_IND gains for CPE100.

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- LinkedIn: Obakeng Tom
Is this a SLOW or VERY SLOW process; waiting for the microbial bugs to do their work, like watching grass grow?

How much percentage change can the process achieve with a constant stirring rate?