Configure a PID Block in CX-Programmer with Omron CQM1H-CPU51 PLC


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Manuel António

I intend a control in closed mesh (PID), using a PLC CQM1H-CPU51.
The system bases on a cylinder that is controlled by a proportional valve, and I intend to control the speed of that cylinder. The only thing that I
possess to control the hydraulic cylinder is an encoder that controls the movement of the cylinder. As the reference of the proportional valve is not enough for a good control of the speed of the cylinder, I intended to use a
system in closed mesh, in way the one that gets control the speed with rigidity.
I need some ideas to test all of the possibilities so that I can opt for the best possible solution.
Note: A program in Visual Basic 6.0 makes the communication with PLC CQM1H-CPU51 to control this system.
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Manuel António