Configure SST 5136-PFB-PCI as master on S7


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We are currently installing 2* package boilers with BMS on 2* Siemens CPU 315-2DP,the plc's are slaves on a profibus, also connected are 3* IM157's providing 3 PA instrument bus with a further ET200S for I/O, the bus is connected to a SST master which sits in a DCS (Metso ACN).
To be able to configure the DP/PA and I/O units they need to be configured in the S7, thats the problem ?

david mertens

There are several issues here,
1. If the S7-300's are configured as slaves, you can't use the IM157 and ET200S in the same project with the S7-300 because they require a DP master. This means they have to be configured on the Metso ACN project (I can't help you with that one though). If you want to use them together with the S7-300's then you have to add a DP master system (CP342-5)
2. Profibus PA configuration (parameters inside the PA slaves) can be done with PDM standalone or any vendor specific configuration package (e.g. Communwin II for Endress+Hauser devices).
3. The configuration of the DP slaves is done in the master project (Metso ACN), therefor you need the GSD files from the CPU315-2DP, the IM157, the ET200S and all the PA field devices, these can be downloaded from the siemens customer support website or from the profibus website.

Good luck

Hakan Ozevin

As a general rule, slaves are always configured by the master. Therefore on S7 side, you have to configure them as slaves (as non-intelligent slaves in this case) and the rest is upon to the master's software. You will add the GSD files of the S7-300, IM157's, DP/PA instruments and ET200 to the master's SW and configure them on the master side. There will be no lateral communicaton between the slaves since they are non-intelligent in this configuration.
If this bothers you, buy a DP/DP coupler, choose 325-2DP as master for all the other S7 slaves and coomunicate with the other master using DP/DP coupler (255 byte max).