Configuring 2 NIC cards on NT4 Server


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W. Archer

I would greatly appreciate any help in configuring an NT4 Server with 2 NIC cards. I have an SMC and a Compaq card installed, but can only get one to talk. I would like to talk to 2 separate networks, one for each card. Specifically, I need help understanding how to bind the individual adapters to specific protocols, and if I need a separate IP address for each card. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
You will need to remove one of the cards. With the one in there, set it up and do all you bindings and stuff and give it an IP address. You will need to assign the interrupt, DMA address and the port address. After you have this card working then install the other and set it up. They will need seperate IP addresses. You may also have to set up a routing table since with a two card set up you will be effectively creating a router also to send packets from one subnet to the other subnet when necessary. NT does not support plug and play so you will have to set the cards up manually. It has been a couple years since I read about it and I have never tried it. Stan Jacobs [email protected]
I have done it and Stan is correct. Windows NT recognized the two cards I installed, but I knew they were setup for different addresses/interrupts. I did not have to build a routing table. In a section of the NT networking setup a box option of "enable IP forwarding" allows you to make it a router or exist on two separate networks.
Yes, set up both separately, but 1st things 1st!
Highly reccomend you implement latest OpSys (NT)
service pack 6A plus check with your PC mfg (compaq?) for any applicable patches/updates, then also ensure you have the latest up date drivers for both cards, then proceed to add both cards separately, each time ensuring you do a COLD reboot between configs, also you may need to fully check both installation infos for both cards, usually easier/smarter to use 2 of same mfg/type, Also your BIOS setup may come into play, (D*ll for instance, has issues with Bios recognizing dupe NICS ) also even if you power down cold , you may need to remove AC plug if an ATX PS is present. And also check to see if you have a "update Bios or similiar" function in the Bios setup that will clear all old and refresh Bios. Always check your WinNT Diagnostics 1st to see what /if any Hardware IRQs/DMAs etc are available for the cards, follow the NICS ReadMe's as well. Note, Usually good Idea to put Highest MAC Value NIC in the Lowest # PCI slot if PCIs being used.
Set up your IPs and Subs correctly, Make sure you Don;t use IP Forwarding or have any Gateways ref'd for either card and walla! you have 2 seperate LANS that work Fine.
ALSO!! make sure you review the NetBios Order as well as the Binding Orders list for desired Primary LANA setup and routing or you system may "SEE" both cards, but only use the Primary or Secondary NIC for communication.
Note: also disable any LOADWC you have running in the registry, its just BGATE way of checking if you have IE running as prime Web.
Also Disable any protocols you are not useing as well as any services not desired i.e. Browser etc.

Harold Ennulat

I just used 2 - 4 NICs in a single PC recently on an NT 4.0 with SP6a installed. The NICs were confiqured with hard IP addresses. I ran Winproxy, a shareware proxy server which was used as a gateway. When you confiqure the (Windproxy) software you tell it which port to use. The operating system will only use one network connection unless you have such special software as far as I know. However it looks like some other users have different experiences.