Configuring a 1785-ENET module off-line?


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Jim Irwin

I am trying to configure a 1785-ENET module with a PLC 5/40 and cannot get access to channel 3A to configure module. In the channel configuration screen, I cannot cursor to channel 3A entry box, it just says N/A and will not allow access. I can access the other channels just fine. I programmed another similar system one year ago and can edit channel 3A in that program. I am using ICOM AI for both programs and am trying to configure the module OFF-LINE. What the heck am I missing? I am in a bit of a panic as I need to have this running by Tuesday. Thanks in advance.

Kusnadi, Iyas

The problem is on processor properties the Series/Revision is not supported with channel 3A please change to latest series /revision of 5/40 thanks

Larry Lawver

Jim--- Check the Series / Revision for the 5/40 under .UT (dot-Util1-Type). The processor has to be a Series D or better for the function you want. Hope this helps! Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida