Configuring Date and time in a Siemnes TD10 Text Display


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Andrés Rivas

In my company, ther are 4 Siemens TD10 Text Displays, working with S5 PLCs. Last month, I discovered that one TD10 was showing a wrong date and time. I measured the battery voltage of the TD10, and it's 2.66 volts (very low if you realize that it should measure at least 3 volts).

Well, my question is if I change the battery, which software do I need to update the date and time?

Can anyone help me?

Andrés Rivas
Medellín, Colombia

Jos Van Limberghen

I also have 2 TD10 displays and I cannot find the manual. Do you know the settings of the dip-switches to be able to download ??
Or do you have a manual ?

Kind regards,
Jos Van Limberghen