Configuring DP/RS232 Link on Simatic S5/S7 PLC

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Jerzy Siewierski

I have to connect DP/RS232 Link device (Siemens) to the existing PROFIBUS DP LAN with SIMATIC S5-135U master (IM308C). It will be used only for recieving data (up to 10 bytes) from external device. In what way must I configure this converter's parameters in COM PROFIBUS, and what must I do in user programm in PLC?
Has anybody a working application?
Thanks in advance

Zan Von Flue

It my not help however, try to use the lastest version MPI/DP RS232 convertor. I believe 1.5 MBit , DP side, is the quickest the convertor can handle (not 12). Then for the RS232 either 19,2 or 38,8. I would make sure it has a switch 19,2 or 38,8 on the side. The automatic convertor doesn't work. The rest I don't know.