Configuring HDMI enable display to indicate Modbus communication parameters


I am looking for suggestions here on how I can get to configure a Large display (Can be a large 65" Led TV) to display parameters from process sensors. I have sensors for RH, Temperature, PM2.5 with analog 4-20mA output or RS 485 communication which needs to be configured. The display ll also show some text information and time. This is intended for display by the road side running all the time and for a single set. Any ideas on this ll be appreciated.

You need some form of I/O that can handle your analog sensors: RH, Temp, and an AO. The I/O might well be stand-alone with a digital communication to your 'controller'. People like Opto 22 have I/O in various forms.

RS-485 is just a hardware bus, it's the protocol (rules of communication, Modbus as an example) that matters when transferring data because both ends have to talk the same protocol, sometimes as complementary devices, master/slave. The device on the other end has to talk whatever protocol the sensors talk. That's usually a firmware/software option/reature on the device.

Opto 22 has a box (Groov or Groove) with a variety of comm features (Modbus master is standard) and licensed version of a HMI sofware package. The HMI development sofware is a tool box which allows you to use/control the I/O and use the I/O values in the graphics. The graphics can be a web page and the box a web server, and there might well be a video output (I only saw it 2-3 years ago in Version 1.0) If the box has HDMI then Bob's your Uncle - match it up with some I/O, configure the web page for whatever it is you want and plug in a monitor/display. I seem to recall that a run time license was purchased separately, but it was credit card and download transaction. The development software runs 1 or 2 hours before it needs to be reset.

There's undoubtably other boxes that do the same thing - O/S with HMI software, web server and some comm ports.
If you have experience in communication lines and protocols, I recommend using web based scada.

In this scada system, you have the chance to follow the data on both large screens and small screens such as HMI.