Configuring Magelis XBTG


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Magelis XBTG-2130 is to monitor about 5 slaves via Modbus serial. At the same time information from the slaves is to be passed to external RTU. External RTU can communicate to one slave only.

Can XBTG pass this information to RTU? In XBTG manual it says that "XBTG is always a bus master".

Dear Stan,

Magelis XBTG can act ONLY as Modbus Master, and it needs to be the only master on this Modbus network. Try to connect XBTG directly to the RTU second Modbus port (if any). You can have XBTG models with Ethernet port also, which can guarantee you the quickest Modbus TCP/IP connectivity to the RTU.

Good luck.
Thanks very much. It seems that XBTG-2130 (which has Ethernet outlet) is useless for my case because external RTU accepts only Modbus R485. One solution is to use Modbus Data Concentrator to act as master for slaves and as slave for RTU.

Then any cheaper HMI is to be used for viewing only data on slaves. My problem is also cost. Can anybody come up with economical suggestion?

With the new XBTL1000 sofware ie. 4.42 the cheap XBTN and XBTR series have also the ability to act as Modbus RTU slaves... This could be a cheap alternative :)