Configuring Remote HMI Viewer in GE MARK VIe


Michael Borrelli

We have a standard Windows 7 PC and used Remote Desktop to access the the local HMIs. Just have the remote PC on the same network (PDH) and configure the Remote Desktop application. The concern is that this is not running the GE software and is not as stable, meaning it is subject to loss of connection or other Microsoft issues- but then again so are the GE HMIs. For us this was a less critical application, just adding the ability to remotely access the HMIs, however, it has been a great addition for when the control room HMI crashes...

Otherwise you are looking at adding another GE HMI with the software and security keys. This is a more secure method and should be used for any control applications.
What HMI application do you intend to use? What are its capabilities--does it have OPC, and which OPC "modes" does it use?

What do you want the remote HMI Viewer to be capable of doing? Simple monitoring of unit operation? Do you want to be able to start/stop (send commands) to the Mark VIe?

Do you want to see Process- and Diagnostic Alarms on the Remote HMI Viewer?

How will the Remote HMI Viewer be connected to and communicating with the Mark VIe or the GE Mark VIe HMI?

Because, really, the options are fairly limited because of the proprietary method GE uses for transmitting alarms from the Mark VIe to an HMI. You might be able to monitor operation, and send commands but not much more than that.

Formerly it was possible to use remote access software (such as MS-Windows remote access/desktop Viewer software) to monitor a GE Mark VIe HMI. But recent experience with newer GE Mark VIe HMIs has shown that something is preventing that now, most likely because of FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and/or CIP (Cyber Infrastructure Protection) requirements to protect against hacking into and taking control of power generation assets. (Even for HMIs not connected to the World Wide Web/Internet.)

Hope this helps!
I have the HMI license dongle, so I want to install another HMI workstation for the operator to view variables and alarms, send commands via CimView.

I tried configuring PDH communications without any luck. Is there any specified steps?
Thanks a lot for your help,

I do have the license dongle for HMI Complicity. So I wanna configure a remote workstation for the operator to view alarms and variables, and to send commands via CimView. I couldn't find any document to explain the procedure (step-by-step) on how to do that. Your help is much appreciated.

Michael Borrelli

If you're using the GE software to make a 'real' HMI then you need the UDH connection, too. You should mirror an existing HMI. We have redundant connections (2 network cables each) for the UDH and PDH going to the HMIs.