Configuring RS232 port of FANUC CPU 363 as RTU slave


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VK Aggarwal

I have a Fanuc 90-30 PLC with CPU 363. On its RS485 port (on CPU), one local operator interface (XOR's Tline) is alredy connected. I need to connect a PC to RS232 (RJ11) port on the CPU 363 to obtain various register and coil values using Modbus RTU protocol.

I have gone thru various google searches but still not clear what exactly is required to achieve above aim. Do I need to do any PLC programming etc like COMMREQ.

I have been dealing with different PLC's in the past. For making a PLC as RTU slave, in my opinion all you require should be to tell its CPU what are the comm parameters like baud rate, parity, data word length, stop bits and parity besides defining station address.
Can someone tell me all steps involved.

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The last time I used Modbus on the 90-30 I used a Horner Modbus card although this was as the master communicating to slave instruments. I have used Intouch as the SCADA and connected straight to the port using the SNP IO server, it is possible to use Kepware as the IO server which will use either CCM or SNP. Using something like Kepware means the IO server will just read/write to the registers of the PLC without any PLC software.

You can specify the parameters in the CPU configuration: Baudrate, Flow Control, parity, station address.

Thanks Joern. Does it mean nothing else need be done except hard configuring the RS232 port?

VK Aggarwal