Configuring S5 IM308c


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The current system is a S5 155 plc using an IM308c
to communicate to three ET200s. Please could someone tell me what I exactly have to do to add the new ET200s
You need com-profibus ,software from siemens,it works like step7 ( drap and drop your modules from a catalog)
it is possible that your ET200S module are not in the com-profibus catalog,then you need to "import" the GSD file that correspond to your ET200S modules (configuration file) into com-profibus --> you find these at the siemens website.

ps. you need a siemens PG if you want to read and write the configuration into the memory card of
the IM308C.if the IM308C is recent then you can use your MPI cable (PG or a laptop equipped with a cp5551 --> not a pc-adapter)


Zan Von Flue

I would start with the COM Profibus program.
Project the 2 new stations (ET200s) on the DP net, the 2 new ET200s needs 2 individual address.
This information then has to be saved on the memory card. The memory card then needs to inserted in the controller card (IM308c).
That should be it.
The DP connectors.
The resistor is only at the ends of the net. A small switch is on some of the connectors. This allows the resistor to be on or off. Also watch out for the arrow on the connector (with switch).
If the connector is inbetween, the direction doesn't matter. If the connector is the last 'arrow inward'.
Have fun

Peter Hasler

You need to reprogram the EPROM that is in the IM 308C. To do this, first upload the contents of the EPROM into the COM ET200 software package. (Check under the "Change...Further" menu in STEP 5 you will more than likely find it there. Save the contents of the EPROM as a ???????.200 file and then erase the EPROM by placing it under UV light for about 20 minutes. Edit the .200 file using COM ET 200 and configure the additional drops that are required. Be careful not to double-assign addresses. Once satisfied transfer from the FD to the EPROM and reinsert into the IM 308C. Note you will have to cycle the PLC once the I/O is installed in order to update the process image. Hope this helps