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Help me please, my H.M.I. (Wonderware InTouch) conflicts with RSLinx. Wonderware was running good before RSLinx installed, but when I install the RSLinx on my PC, the Wonderware conflict, RSLinx for RSLogix 500 with SLC 5/04, anybody knows why?

David Gulick

What do you mean, conflicts? What are the messages that you are getting. Is Linx having trouble starting up a driver? What is your setup? For Drivers and I/O server? You need to give us that information before we can tell you what you need to do.

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Yosef Feigenbaum

They are both probably trying to take control of the same port. I've seen this often with RS-232. I'll need to know you're exact configuration in order to give you a more accurate answer but suffice to say that if you are trying to use both RSLinx and WW to access the same serial port you are going to run into problems.

I recommend one of the following:

1) Configure either the WW driver or RSLinx to use a different RS-232 port. If you don't have another port RS-232 cards are really inexpensive.

2) Upgrade your RSLinx to OEM (minimum) and convert your WW to communicate with RSLinx as an OPC server. One of the nice things about this configuration is that you can use one RS-232 port for both SCADA and PLC programming at the same time.

3) Change the driver you're using on either WW or RSLinx. Since you're using a 5/04 the alternative is to switch to DH+. DH+ modules cost $$$s so this will be an expensive way out.

4) If you're already using DH+ (Not via a converter like a 1770-KF3) then go to solution #2 above.

5) If you are using WW to communicate with the SLC via RS-232 and the other port to communicate RS-Linx/DH+ then you probably have serial communications defined for the RS-232 port within RSLinx. If you don't need this port in RSLinx, disable the driver.

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Ramesh Kumar

If this is regarding com port conflict, make sure that PC's com port assigned to RSLinx does not conflict with any other communication driver.
Pl. check your com port.
To figure out what is happening it is good point to send you InTouch's log files one for before RSlinx isnatllation and one after installation then i can say something on it.

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Check auto enable optin of Rslinx from option menu in RSlinx. check if Rslinx enabled and it is viewd on task bar. if it then close it.


Yes it would conflict because Intouch & RSLINX communicate through the same port. This is because intouch communicates through DH + through KT card & RSLINX also communicates DH+ through KT card & hence it shares the same inturrupt & would conflict.

If you are using RSLINX, after use you have to completely close it from the task bar & hence interrupt would be free when you are using INTOUCH.

Best solution is use DH485 for programming RSLINX & DH+ for Intouch.

If not using DH+, DH485 for INTOUCH & rs232 port RS232 for programming of SLC.

I hope to have explained the issue.

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