Connect 220V 3ph motor to 400V

Hi all,

I am new here. Currently building a filling line for my beerbrewery. For the drying tunnel I have a vortex gas pump rated 220V 3ph, connected Delta, 7,5kW, 27,5 A.

Since our power is 400V 3ph I cannot run it as currently wired. The terminal box has 6 wires and the connection is currenly delta. Can I replace to copper strips to a star connection and run it on 400V?


Hans (please excuse the Informality)... are the 3 supply-leads connected to the top or bottom terminals?
My conclusions:
1) although the links provided are typical of a dual-voltage motor application, there is no visible evidence it could be operated @ 400V.

2) Also, you don't know if 2 of the 3 vertical-links shown are to be placed horizontally across the top 3-terminals, or the bottom 3-terminals, with the supply-leads on the 3-terminals without links.

3) The situation in 2) can be resolved with just resistance measurements.

4)One more negative point... note the spelling error in the nameplate.

Phil Corso
Hi Phil,

currently the supply leads are not connected, just the six wires from the 3 stators.

1) correct, but the way it is wired now (delta) is evidence that the stators can handle 220V, correct? If so, 400V in Y should be no problem, agree?
2) the color on the wires ask for three terminals to be connected as to be a Y connection I think.
3) which I will check by measuring resistance.
4) that is either a google translate error or an autocorrect glitch in weChat. The Chinese usually don’t make spelling mistakes.
Hans... as EE's we both recognize that the terminal connections are typical for dual-voltage motors. But, we certainly don't know the Mfg's motive for not labeling it as such, and for listing only 220V (with 'CE' Tag) on the nameplate.
Here's my theory:
"We" are technically aware that if there are six phase-coils, then each operates at [400/Sqrt(3)]/2 = 115V, across it. But, the voltage at each supply terminal, with respect to magnetic core, is 400V, and slot insulation may not be adequate for the 'CE' tag? Regardless, it's the Mfg's prerogative to label 220V as "Max"voltage! Furthermore, If you have the "hands-on" experience, then "have at it"!
Regard, Phil Corso