Connect a Delta HMI to WAGO 750-653 via ModBus

Hi everybody!

Has anyone connected a WAGO PLC to another device using a 750-653 Serial Interface?

You see, I'm using eCOCKPIT and the 'FbMbSimpleServerSerial' function block to try to conect the WAGO 750-8100 to a Delta HMI via RS485. I'm using the DOP-B03S211 Delta HMI, and the pins 1,5 and 6 of the COM1, and I have connected them to the 750-653 Serial Interface.

The problem is: the WAGO PLC is not connecting to the HMI using the function block.
My configuration is the next one:

And I’m getting ERROR when the program is running; I don't know why.