Connect a PC to the printer serial port of the DCS?


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Mihir Ramkrishna

I am having YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS-2 DCS where in the ICS is the HMI. At present, a printer is connected to the serial port of the ICS. I would like to connect a PC in place of the printer and read this. Can anyone oblige by explaining me in
detail how to achieve this? I would prefer the connections to the com port of the PC.

I've done something similar with a laptop connected to a Honeywell TDC2000 console printer port.

1) Define the printer port electrical characteristics. Is it RS-232 or 422, etc. If not standard RS-232 then you need a Black Box converter from whatever the output format is to standard RS-232.

2) If standard serial output in RS-232, then connect (using proper cables) to COM port of PC or laptop.

3) Use Hyperterminal or similar software package (Hyperterminal comes standard on most 95, 98 or NT operating system).

4) Hyperterminal can be configured to "capture" the data flow from the DCS.

Hope this helps.

Mark Mazzeo

Ricardo Zuniga

I tried successfully with PETRECOUNT controler and serial conexion to printer, it may be useful in your case.
Connect to the com port of PC.
Load Hyperterminal.
Configure the com port of PC with the same communication parameters of DCS (Hyperterminal ask you to configure the port)
From the menu or tool bar of Hyperterminal click on Connect or Call.
If you choose the right communication parameters you will see your report in Hyperterminal

Cameron McDonald

There is an off-the-shelf product that can handle single or multiple Yokogawa printer output (you just need enough serial ports on the PC connected). It even differentiates by colour system 'alarms' and 'process alarms', and will allow you to perform text searches through past logs. Let me know if you're still interested and I can get the name/supplier for you.

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