Connect ControlLogix to Modicon P190


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Emad Houssein

I have processor AB Control Logix 1756-L1m2, I need to connect to Modicon P190, also Connect to PLC2. What are the Neceesary Components and what would be My network?

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Jerry Miille

You could use a MARC Omnii-Comm module for this application. Connect one port to the DF-1 connector on the Logix 5550 processor using DF-1 protocol. Connect one port to the Modicon and use Modbus protocol. The PLC2 will require an interface module, as I recall a 1771-KG, to get from the serial port on the front of the PLC-2 to DF-1. Connect a third serial port to the KG and usd DF-1 protocol there. See this link for a data sheet:

Jerry Miille

dan armstrong

I don't think you have a chance of making a P190 work with an AB processor. The P190 used specific program tapes for talking to each brand of MODICON controllers.