connect Honeywell EXperion Station to existing LCN.


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How to connect a new Honeywell EXperion Station to existing LCN.

what do we need to do to connect the EPKS FTE to existing the LCN? E.g changing ESV to ESVT and ES to EST etc. Do i need LCN extenders and optic fibre connections.
I cannot answer the question properly without understanding your system configuration. Please send your system configuration first then we try to find a solution.

TDC 3000 Expert

You have to have TPS components installed in your server and you should have LCNP card in your sever and station to communicate LCN.

Plz contact your local honeywell affiliate.

As far as I know, you need and ESVT (Experion Server with TPS components and an LCNP4 card) and EST (Experion Console station with LCNP4 card).

Experion Servers can be connected to a FTE backbone.

Another option to connect Experion to TPS is by OPC. On the TPS side, you need an APP node running TPN Server (OPC Server). APP node is also connected to LCN. Experion can be an OPC client.
Thanks to everyone who responded. I have contacted HW personnel..Just wanted to get some advice from experienced people.

Please can you tell me more about OPC option. Can the TDC300 be an opc client on the Experion system?

Question: 1 new Experion Console added..
Existing data on TDC 3000. i want to shift some TDC 3000 tags onto new experion console station ?

will require to change ESV(Experion Server) to ESVT (Experion Server TPS connected) in order to access TDC 3000 tags from Experion Station. The ESVT will make LCN data available on the Experion FTE. a LCNP4 Card for ESVT node upgrade.
change ES (Experion Console Stations) to EST (Experion Console Station TPS connected).LCNP4 card needed to connect EST to the LCN. LCN extenders are needed if the TDC 3000 server and Experion servers are in different rack rooms

Can i have GUS and HMI on the same screen? Will i have to convert TDC3000 points to HMI?

any problems foreseen
Making the TDC3000 system be an OPC client is, albeit very much simplified, basically what the ESV-T node does for you. Of course you could also do it yourself completely by adding a TPN-server node to your TDC system and then use OPC integrator but I think it's a bit stupid as the ESV-T is redundant and does all the work for you.

After adding the LCN/P and the TPN components (buy an upgrade kit) to the ESV, making it into an ESV-T, you can already use your existing stations to see/change the values from the TDC system. For performance and availability reasons it is advised to install LCN/P processors in your stations and install the TPN components also there, turning your stations into ES-T's (again upgrade kits).

You can then view HMI-WEB displays and native window displays on every ES-T.

For GUS displays you need to buy an extra software component but it is possible to see all three types of displays mixed on the same station.