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Dauwe Alain

I need to connect some (4) IPC 620's to a data gathering system. Should it be possible to communicate over Modbus with the IPC? If yes can I connect them all 4 by using multidrop and access them in that way, or do I need to access them each of them separately.


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Do you have a data hiway? You could use the data - hiway based HIM modules to a host that is data hiway compliant.

Good speed (500 Kbits) and redundant as well.

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From my memory, which is deteriorating quicker than I care to admit !

The older models; 15, 20, 25, 35 will accept a 0043 Modbus module, which I think is RS422 and can be multidropped from a host. I think there were some rules as to where and how this module could be installed in the plc rack, you need to check.

Depending on the amount of data, another option might be the 0038 modules transferring all data to just one plc, then one 0043 to the host, but they are quite limited.

I think maybe the newer ones; 16, 26, 36, had Modbus built in ?, but I didn't have much to do with these models.

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Matthew Anderson

A bit late but I hope this helps:

Newer 620s (620-14/16/26/36 etc) have an onboard multidrop (>31 nodes) RS422 comms port with Modbus or ABC protocol built in. No ladder software is needed to drive the comms so getting them to talk is vey easy.

If you have the older range of 620 (the 620-20/25/30/35 etc) you will need an option module. The 620-0042/48 gives you ABC whilst the 620-0043 is Modbus. An Ethernet module is available (620-0060) but is not so easy to configure!

We fully support and stock the 620 range, if you need anything then please mail me.

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