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I am working in a project for a matter of the university, I need to connect my PC with a PLC GE FANUC and what I try is to make the cable serial, in the PLC I have a BD 15 and in the PC I
have a DB 9 and as the communication is short I try to make the cable point to point.
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I thank for any aid that you can give me.
You need a converter and a straight thru cable. Converter is part no. HE693SNP232A Adapter and available from GE Fanuc Distributor. The GE is talking 485 or 422, and the converter turns it to 232 (special). Protocol is talking SNP at 19.2, 8,1,odd.

Depending on the model you are using, different communication options are available. For ex : for Series 90-30 PLC, the Power supply module
supports RS422/485 port for which you require aconverter as specified.. But the CPU 350 series and above, also supports RS232C port (RJ11
connector) in addition to RS422/485 port. So check up the model no of PLC, CPU etc before you decide on the required cable.

CS Nagaraj