Connect Siemens HMI 6AV2 124-0MC01-0AX0 with PC/Laptop

I have a Siemens HMI 6AV2 124-0MC01-0AX0 in my machine. I want to clone the display on the HMI to PC/Laptop. My question is:
1. What software that I need for this task?
2. What kind of interface that I need between the HMI and PC/Laptop (for example ethernet cable, etc)?
3. Do I need to communicate with PLC connected with HMI or can I just connect with the HMI?

Thanks in advance for the answer.
It depends what you mean by clone - you could take photographs and display
screens on you PC.

The alternative its to obtain WinCC Comfort V11 and install on your PC,
although V11 is no longer available or supported.
To purchase a single user licence of the later versions of WinCC Comfort,
contact your local Siemens distributor. You may have a choice of runtime
or configurable software - usually comes down to money.

I believe USB/USB cable gives direct connection to the HMI
but it is worth checking with the local distributor.