Connect to ControlLogix Over VPN

Hello All,

Until last week, I had been able to connect with all the PLCs in my plant over VPN just as I would if I were in the office. However, I was having connectivity problems with one particular PLC, last week, and on the advice of tech support, I deleted the Harmony files to clear the cache.

After doing that, I was not able to add any of the ENBT modules back to RSLinx using the "Configure Drivers" functionality over the VPN. On a hunch, I went into the office, connected to the plant network, and was able to not only add the ENBT modules to RSLinx, but I was also able to connect to all my PLCs.

This morning, I open RSLogix and attempt to go online using the Who Active dialog. The dialog finds the path, but spins for a while before finally greying out the Go Online button. I'm still unable to go online with any of the PLCs over VPN. To my knowledge, nothing has changed with the configuration of our company network. The only thing that changed was my deleting of the Harmony files.

Anyone have any experience with this issue or any insight as to the problem?

Thanks so much!

This problem was finally solved. Once I went to the plant and connected to each PLC on the plant network, I was then able to connect to them over VPN, once again.