Connect to RSEmulate from another PC running RSLinx

Hi all,

I have a situation where I need to connect a workstation running RSLinx to another running RSEmulate. Both machines are running RSLinx Classic Gateway.

On the client machine when I configure the "Remote Devices via Linx Gateway" driver to look at the host machine IP address, nothing comes up. From what I've read in the documentation I need to enable the gateway feature on the host machine. On RSLinx Classic, I should be able to go to Communications-->Configure Gateway-->Enable RSLinx Gateway, but unfortunately I'm not seeing that option.

If anyone knows that hoops I have to jump through to do this, or an alternative to using the Linx Gateway, I would be very appreciative. I've been stuck on this for awhile.

Many Thanks,
Alright I found the secret sauce. On RSLinx, under view-->options, you must have the "allow UDP messages on ethernet port" checkbox checked.

Once you do that, then you have the ability to enable the gateway. Apparently the default option since RSLinx 4.10 has been for the box to be unchecked.