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Hello I am new in this forum. We are doing educational practices and need to conect first, one PLC TSX Micro 3722 with Scada Intouch. We only have the programming cable serial model TSX PCU1030, in the port TER of PLC. We have the following situation:

At Intouch, we have one DASERVER DASMBSerial of wonderware, for Modbus serial. In this case, which must be the model of driver for using in the configuration of PL7PRo? We have driver unitelway but we don't have located yet one driver modbus serial for the PLCtsx micro 3722.

In software, we have: PL7PRo Ver 3.4
and Intouch Ver 10.0 with Archestra IDE.

If someone can help us, we thank you.


Schneider Italy

Micro PLC support Modbus by default:

Version V3.3 Micro is configured in Modbus slave mode through the terminal port associated with the RS485 physical layer.

Version V5.0 Micro is configured in master mode (TSX 37-10/21/22 only) or in slave mode through the terminal port associated with the RS485 physical layer.
Hello. We have one PLC TSX Micro 3721 version 2.0 and one plc tsx micro version 2.0 too.

The tsx micro 3711/22 are configured as slave (one only by time). This is not the problem. The problem is that we can not connecting the PLC with SCADA. The protocol is Modbus Serial.

There is any problem if the Driver Manager of Modicon has two drivers installed? (unitelway and modbus serial)

Scada intouch try to conect with PLC but indicates this error:
Quality : BAD Comm, Failure: constant.

I thank any help

Schneider Italy

If you are trying to connect the SCADA to the TER Port, you'll have problem because it doesn't support Modbus but only Unitelway if version is <3.3.

You must install the TSXSCP114 PCMCIA rs485 modbus card. The Driver Manager could have installed many drivers (it is a driver MANAGER!!!)
Of course you will get a communication error if the Micro PLC is connected by its TER Port using MODBUS Protocol. The TER Port + Comm. Cable support UNITELWAY ONLY!!. Hence it can not communicate in MODBUS.

What you need is either:

1) Keep the present configuration and install a UNITELWAY Driver for the SCADA Software.

OR, if you want to use MODBUS

2) Add a MODBUS Communication Module or a MODBUS PMCIA Card to your PLC.

You may easily obtain the Part Numbers from the relevant catalogue(s).

I also would suggest that you upgrade the Firmware of the PLC. Version-2 is an old one.