Connecting 4 serial printers on TSX Premium

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Jonardy Kaligis

Hello everybody,
Does anyone know how to connect TSX Premium PLC to 4 serial printers? The Premium will command each printer to print different data at the same time from its ladder logic program.

Thank you.



Hi Jonardy,

Printing with foor serial printers at the same time would mean you need 4 serial channels on the Premium. This can be done using the Premium PCMCIA
communication cards TSXSCP11x. (x=1 for RS232, x=2 for current loop and x=4 for RS422/RS458) These cards need to be placed somewhere. One can be placed into the processor. For the other three you need communication cards TSXSCY21601. The card can then be configured in character mode and with the PL7 software and a function valled PRINT_CHAR you can sent information to them. The
configuration also allows you to set baudrate, data bits , stop bits ect for the communication channels. The TSXSCY21601 modules have two communication channels. One of them in incoörporated into the module and is RS485 only. The other channel is the PCMCIA card which is a separate option. I would advise you to download the Premium manual TSXDM5742E, Premium PLCs -
TSX 57/PCX 57 - Communication - Network and bus interfaces - Installation manual Volume 4 (English) (6.939mb)from "": . (Go to Premium, Manuals). How to program can be found in the manual TLXDSCOMPL742E, PL7 Junior/Pro - Communication applications - Volume 3 (English) (4.274mb)

Hope this helps,