Connecting Allen-Bradley PLCs via Ethernet/IP


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We want to connect 9 AB PLCs over Ethernet/IP to a Ethernet Switch and from switch we want it to convert to DF1 and then connect to Honeywell serial FTA and Serial Interface card. What device needs to be used for ethernet/IP to DF1 conversion? Normally PLCs are connected to DF1 port and Control room PCs are connected to Ethernet. But here PLCs are on ETHERNET and control room PCs is o DF1 serial communication.


Chetan R J

Dinesh Chauhan

Better use one more AB PLC (MICROLOGIX-1400 you can try) & connect the PLC's Ethernet port to the same switch (where all 9 PLCs are connected). Now connect the serial port of the PLC to your DF1 Device. ( set it for DF1).

- Communication between all PLCs and the 10th PLC can be achieved through MSG Instructions & whole of the data can be mapped in Extra PLC that you will be installing.

Dinesh Chauhan
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