Connecting an Analog I/O Module to a Delta PLC


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Hi all

I have a Delta PLC with an analog i/o module DVP06XA, and i want to connect a proportional pneumatic valve from SMC ITV 2050-043BL4. I tried the wiring showed at manual of the analog module, but it didn't get any value from valve's feedback. If i connect the positive at COM it short out the +24Vdc power supply.

I using current signal 4-20 mA to control and feedback. The valve's input is working fine, receiving signal from an analog output of the module.

I hope that someone can help me.

PLC Programmer

So Let me get this straight.

You have tested the valve with a 24 V signal varying the current from 4 - 20 mA.

And you tried connecting the positive of the output to (One of the analogue outputs) Com.

Am I right or have i missed something?
The SMC ITV 2050-043BL4 is an I/P transducer.

The digit '4' in the part number is for the 'Monitor output' feedback signal, a 4-20mA current signal, described as 'sinking' [page 12 pdf]

The current monitor feedback signal positive is the cordset brown wire (M12 terminal 1) connected to the 24Vdc (+).
The voltage monitor feedback signal negative is the cordset black wire (M12 terminal 4)as shown on page 47 pdf.

Note that the loop load is called 'monitor output voltage'.

Connect your analog input (+) to the terminal 1 brown wire 24Vdc (+).
Connect your analog input (-) to terminal 4 black wire monitor (-).

Terminal 4 (the black wire, monitor (-)), will internally regulate the current in the loop; sinking as much current as needed.

If you want to test the output, put a 250 ohm resistor across terminals 1 and 4 and check the voltage across the resistor with a voltmeter, which should be a proportional 1-5Vdc over the range of the input.

(color of cordset wires can change from manufacturer to manufacturer; I assume the colors are for the cordset sold by SMC)
The feedback from the transducer is current, 4-20mA in 24Vdc but in sink type. I already tested it using an 56 ohms resistor and worked fine. I think that have some mistake in the wiring to connect at PLC analog module in the circuit that the PLC manual shows, but i didn't find a way to connect that yet.

The analog module only has 3 terminals per channel, +V, +I and COM. How can i connect it?
The asterisk *2 on the DVP06XA-S wiring diagram means 'note 2', which says,"If input signal is in current, please short out between V+ and I+ terminals".

So jumper V+ to I+ on the analog input channel.

Connect your (+) analog input V(+)/I(+) terminals to the I/P terminal 1 brown wire 24Vdc (+).

Connect your (-) analog input COM terminal to I/P terminal 4 black wire monitor (-).

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Should be the +I and Comm....
Please verify the voltage across this.
it should be 24V. If yes then try connecting...
> Should be the +I and Comm.... Please verify the voltage across this.
> it should be 24V. If yes then try connecting...

Hi David and PLC programmer

I've tried this connection like in the manual, but it hasn't worked. I checked at PLC monitoring that when i do this, appear an error in the error status register the number 32 is there, that means Digital range error.

In the register where i collect the analog input value is the number 2041, but it doen't variate even when i variate the analog output to control the valve, the pressure at valve reacts by the analog output variation, but the analog input doesn't.

The voltage is 24Vdc at ITV's terminals wires, between brown and black.

Do you have some other tips for me try solve it?