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Mckelvie, Martin

We have a requirement to connect an HMI, preferable Paradigm , to access 2 off Siemen S5-100U-CPU 102 PLC's . It looks like the only
route , correct me if wrong , is via the Sinec L1 protocol . Anyone with any experience or preferably examples in this task ?

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Andrew Piereder

Ideally you would want to use Industrial Ethernet (H1), but failing the availability of a suitable server for Paradigm, you could contact Pantek in Manchester concerning a 5136-PBMS card from SST.
The card emulates a full network of Profibus slaves and comes with an OPC server as well as a variety of diagnostic software. Using Profibus, you could have the S5 write data a virtual network of ET200 passive stations and have Paradigm pick up the data from the PBMS card. It is certainly a much higher performance that L1.

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Ranjan Acharya

Cutler-Hammer IDT's PanelMate HMIs (e.g., PowerSeries 3000) support connection to an S5 via PROFIBUS-DP (do not try this one) or two serial port options -- one for an S5 front port using AS511 (I am not sure if your model has a front port that is suitable for an HMI) or one via one of the CP cards (CP524 or CP525) that supports 3964R.

PanelMate's are OK except that they do not support entry of text via their touchscreen (numeric only) and the configuration editor is a little long in the tooth (Win16 still and quirky).

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Peter Placek

One possibility is to use an AS511 OPC server via PG port (PG-com cable necessary). This would only work if the HMI is OPC client. Advantage of such solution is its reasonable cost.

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Simone Stefani

If the quantity of information to exchange is less than 100 tags per PLC, I have developed a DDE server programm to implement the comunication via AS511. You can exchange the informations with
any DDE client programm.

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we offer HMI to connect to Siemens S5 with PG-conector, L1-Bus, 3964R (CP) or L2DP. We have drivers, that support the connection with our HMI. Contact me or our WEB-Page.

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Hi there,

You should try Lookout from National Instruments... You can connect up to 64 PLC's to Lookout, each of them will use one serial port from your computer; so you will need an RS323<->TTY converter for each PLC.

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