Connecting GSM-modem to Siemens PCS-7 PLC


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Conny Karlsson

I don't know what kind of interface the Siemens PCS-7 PLC has to communicate with a GSM-modem. Neither do I know what kind of interfaces GSM-modems have. I've been to Siemen's homepage several times but I can't seem to find any clear information there. It would of course be best if I could connect a GSM-modem directly to the PLC without any additional electronics.

I would like to know if anyone knows any good solutions or web-places I can go to find these solutions. After I've solved this problem I'll have to program the PLC to send SMS-messages but that's another problem which I'll encounter later...

Helmut Meissner

Hello Conny,

try (in Finland), they have some Informations about GSM-Modems for Siemens or They have a product
named tele-book you can connect between S7-Familie (MPI) and Mobile with a PCMCIA-Modem Card (Gold-Card, IBM, ...)

I'm in test for Tele-Service with a customer in Oman a cheap solution S7-400s -> MPI-Bus -> TS-Adapter -> S35i (Siemens WAP Mobile-phone).

I think in 2 week I will know if all fits together.

Helmut Meissner
Manager Softwaredepartment
Schlosser-Pfeiffer GmbH
Aarberegn (Germany)

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have not tried the GSM thing, but have noticed that there is some reference to it in the advertising blurb for the S7 Ethernet IT versions of the interface modules, there is an IT users click in Siemens AG, I was in contact with them at one stage when I started out a project whti the IT card but have not kept it up, I could check my records for you if you like. I have used this card to work as an HTML server and it worked well, I have not tried it, as I don't have a mail server in my office, but the setup to deal with comms to a mailserver is done in the S7 hardware setup for this card, it looks real easy, and is probably the way to communicat with GSM which
they talk about. A lot would depend on what type of data you need to move over the GSM if it is the SMS thing to "Go check the high level on the Silo" type of message, it will be standard procedure, if it is control data......
I don't know if I would go this route. Keep us informed if you find a way.

Donald Pittendrigh
Hi, I can help u. 1st go to GSM Modem Model webpage and download the AT-Command of that model. Then refer to AT-Command References.

U could try to send "AT" Signal to GSM Modem, the modem will reply "OK", that means that the modem is ready. Then u could try the SMS Command. After that, u conclude the functionity of the AT-Command, don't forget to interlock the Command in Simen PLC Program.