Connecting Honeywell TPS Serial FTA to Daniel/Enron Modbus


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I'm trying to read the 7000 block of registers on a third party serial device. Does anyone know of a device or method that converts 32-bit registers into two 16-Bit registers so that Honeywell can read them?

Chris Deverill

As far as the SI FTA goes, the 70000 block of registers is simply a mapping into standard Holding Registers (40001 to 49999), and these are read by the FTA using function code 3.

Designating the registers as 70000 (instead of 40000) just tells the SI FTA to read them as IEEE floating point data (32 bit values) rather than as 16 bit registers.

So actually I don't think that you need any other devices at all - the FTA already provides this conversion.

Chris D