Connecting OPC Server Modbus/RTU device


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Hi guys.

I want to connect a device that supports Modbus/RTU protocol to an OPC Server. The device is a Dupline Master Generator: G38000016230

The problem is that I need some tips.

Can I use the standard Serial port cable?
Do I need any adaptors/converter for the rs232 communication?
Should I use rs485?
Also I need help to setup the KepwareEX Server that I'm going to use.


Fred Loveless

Hi, it really depends upon the device cable requirements but I am fairly sure you will need to use an RS232 to RS485 converter to do the connection. You could also use an Ethernet to RS232/485 serial converter.

Setting up Kepware is pretty straight forward. You simple match the channel and device configuration settings to match the serial or ethernet settings of you PLC connection.

My suggestion is that you call or e-mail Kepware Technical Support. Its free and we can walk you through the setup.

Fred Loveless, Kepware Technical Support Manager
I know for sure that this device was connected to a SCADA software with the pin to pin cable through rs232 port and worked without a problem. Also this device supports 485 protocol.

When I connect a Modbus device to an OPC Server is there any way to check if the connection is established without writing/reading to the addresses?

Kepware support responces always very fast when I send them e-mails.

Thank you.