Connecting Operator Interface to AB Micrologix 1000


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We purchased an OIT operator interface from Maple-System and we will like to connect it to an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000.

We are having problem doing the necessary ladder logic in order to display a Counter total and simple messages.

Can you please email us a sample code file for display messages and control files like Timer and Counter.

We appreciate your help, Maple could not help us.


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I do not know the details of the Maple driver....
But if a "standard" generic DF1 driver is used by Maple it will not work.....

The Micologix model 1000 does not support
access to timer and counter files correctly with a generic DF1 protocol driver.

Use a "move" instruction to transfer the Timer / Counter elements to an element in a integer file,
then program the HMI to display the integer file.
It should remedy the driver problem...
Jim Holbrook