Connecting PLC (Micro logix 1200) to pc hyperterminal


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i would like to interface PLC (Micro logix 1200) with PC Hyperterminal using RS232. what type of data i can expect in HyperTerminal? if u info plz mail me at..
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bob peterson

Being as Hyperterminal is a dumb terminal emulator, the only data you will get is what the program in the PLC sends out the serial port, and that is program controlled. It could be just about anything.

You may find this useful:

It's Allen Bradley's "DF1 Protocol and Command Set Reference Manual".

A few years ago, I tinkered with a PC-based HMI that talked to a M-Logix and a SLC 5/04 over DF1 with pretty good results. It was based on VB.NET 2008 Express. My memory is fallible, but I think it was Advanced HMI:

If this works, it may be easier to roll your own GUI using VB than to try to assemble individual commands in terminal (if it would even work). You'll need VB Express (free download from Microsoft).

Lynn August Linse

Considering the language you use in your request, I assume you may not have RSLogix 500 and want to somehow talk to the PLC from hyperterminal as an alternative to RSLinx/RSLogix.

In this situation, the answer is it won't work in any practical manner.

As the others have said YOU CAN use RSLogix 500 to program the serial port to read/write simple ASCII commands - to make up your own ASCII protocol. However you will find this very advanced RSLogix programming, probably takes weeks of work (and I do not think what you intended).