Connecting Quantum IO to ControlLogix


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Pankaj Joshi

I am planning to connect Quantum IO on Modplus Plus to a ControlLogix system using Prosoft MVI56-MBP card that has full master functionality. Can it be done? Will I need some extra information details like configuration parameters etc. for Modicon adapters on Modbus Plus bus? Where can I get them from?

Please help.
I have a SLC 503 with a Prosoft Modbus Plus card in it, and it can read and write data to other nodes on the network. You'll want to get on and get the manuals for Modbus Plus and perhaps the Quantum hardware reference guide. But you should be able to perform a
read and write to the distributed IO adapter easily enough. Prosoft has some good technical people if you get stuck.

Be cautious. I do not believe that the Prosoft
module has the ability to set up DIO quantum drops from a menu like that which is done in the Modicon programming software. The DIO quantum
adapters get there configuration information sent during the first token pass to the units. The format for this configuration is not
published to the best of my knowledge, and Modicons manuals say that the configuration must be done in the software setup utility only. I
would contact Prosoft before going further, as if they do not know how to do it, I would shy away. Note: this is different than the Modicon
Momentum or TIO products that can easily be setup using readily published information and the Master commands or Peer Cop functions.