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I want to connect a quantum plc to a momentum plc. The quantum has modbus and modbus plus ports but the momentum has interbus. Any one got any ideas how i could pass data betwen the two???
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Momentum has different communications hats - if you aren't using the Interbus for anything - then purchase a modbus or MBP hat and use it.
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I could have helped you had you required any other porotocol that we support on Momentum end (rather than Interbus) such as DF1/ DH485/ SNP/ MPI/ PPI etc.

Please check Gateways at the URL mentioned below.

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Not to state the obvious but you need to get some common ground. Either Interbus, Modbus or Modbus+. I assume the momentum is really not a PLC just I/O & communications card (listing the part numbers would help). You have multiple ways to do it but it isn't free. You are either going to buy a 140NOA6XXXX Quantum InterBus Communications Module which lists for over $1600 or just buy a Modbus+ Momentum communications card for $200.

You are going to need to look at things like how far is the communications have to go, what kind of programming will you need to do, what are the future plans of the system?

Assuming the Momentum has a CPU instead of simply being an I/O drop, the Momentum will have either Modbus serial or Modbus TCP/IP in addition to Interbus. You can also get a Modbus Plus adapter to install between the CPU and the base.

If the Momentum is just an I/O drop with Interbus comm module (170INT11000), you can replace the Interbus comm module with a Modbus Plus comm module. See your local Schneider distributor.