Connecting RSLogix500 to Micrologix1500 PLC


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Eric E.

I am new in AB PLCs and i would like to have some advice on what driver on RSLinx lite will i chose to be able to program the Micrologix1500 PLC. I tried all drivers but i could still not connect.
The default comms on the Channel 0 of Micrologix 1500 is Full Duplex. Try using the RS232 link on the RSLinx. Do enter the right PC comms port the configeration window and Processor type in the RSLinx. After this, do a auto configeration and hopefully it will pick up right parameters.

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You need to configure your RS-232 DF1 DEVICES DRIVER in RSLINX, add new, fill out the appropriate boxes and then auto configure. If you have the right cable, you should have no problem connecting right out of your computer com port.

praveen bambhania


first you check that processor has downloaded any
program (New processor is in default mode). if downloaded you first find out that your program port is configured for RS 232 or DH 485. If RS 232 then you choose AB_DF1 driver press auto configure, there also note down that you choose full duplex mode. If DH 485 then choose AB_PIC diver and set baud rate for 9600, 19200. If you are not able to communicate with processor then you reset old program from processor, and try again take AB_DF1 diver.

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Use DF1 and then click Autoconfigure

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If ur Using serial cable (RS232) - Prepare a cable 9-9 pin (2-3,3-2,5-5) then connect the cable, open RSLINX, choose DF1 Driver, then click auto configure.

If ur using dh485, use pic driver and press autoconfigure.

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