Connecting SolarEdge inverters using Modbus


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Here at AliusEnergy, we use SolarEdge inverters that use the MODBUS protocol to communicate through RS485.

The SolarEdge inverters use the ethernet connection to connect to the SolarEdge portal. Besides that, it is possible to connect a SunSpec logger to the inverters through RS485.

We want to be able to connect the inverter to domoticasystems through this RS485 communication, and we were wondering if there's something we could use for that.

Lynn August Linse

Nice to see Modbus layouts spreading, and I know SolarEdge was one of the first to start using the mappings on their inverters.

I am not sure what your questions is? I've never heard of "domoticasystems", but any energy/solar/renewable system unable to speak Modbus/RTU would be a rare albino beast indeed! Virtually unsellable.

Can you explain more fully your question or concern?